marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


   marlene mountain     jan bostok

one-line linked haiku     january 2 2001-unfinished

a naked shower

after a naked shower i double and triple my clothes again
aging husband's hormone treatment brings hot flushes
strong instinct to survive ladybug reappears on the kitchen curtain
midday heat the body of the cat longer
what's in the banged-up mailbox maybe the jet stream crashed
a goanna mouth agape under the birdfeeder

out from beneath the car's dashboard the same dark moth
america's 'knowledge-driven economy' say what
blood-curdling modern travel more hazardous than known
ralph nader his ego helps a screw-up win the election
is there a presidential gene or the actor gene more dominant
'shaken upset devastated' the evil snooper's privacy suit
the australian cricket game loses self-respect and now the 'don'
onions wait for me and a dirt patch covered with leaves
empty petrol tank - broken promises ride the potholed roads
2 old-haired sisters show arm bruises given each other
empty bus shelter - the chill ring of a cellular phone echoes
the great blue heron flaps off without a trace

a clear sky torn between art and nature another little boy kills
unable to swim i envy the snake in floodwaters
they're still stuck in 5-7-5 syllables unbelievable as that ever was
the haiku is dead long live the haiku
'when i was child i spake as a child' now i know the paleoclay woms

notes: 6j) an australian lizard which can grow from 5 feet to 10 feet in
length 9j) the 'deep vein clotting' syndrome which can kill after more than 5 or 6
hours in economy class air travel 12m) linda tripp the whistleblower herself
13j) don bradman, the world's greatest cricketer died 25/2/2001 5j) the
australian government's broken promise to lower petrol prices and to fix
roads 23m) wom/s: my spelling of woman/women -- rhymes with dome/s -- re
the ancient spiritual sculptures. see the books of the late dr marija gimbutas, ucla professor/archeologist. you go wom -- you like that phrase?

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