marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


jan bostok    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku      november 25 1995--
(10/10/8/8 pattern)

from birth

another christmas coming my son handicapped from birth
solstice card danger of sunlight
it's official 1995 temperatures the hottest ever on record
'two all [castrated]--beef patties . . .'
chinese new year a new relationship from slow beginnings
'all men are created equal'
for revenge he slaughters sixteen little school children
peace corps' 35th year 7000
the 'middle east' in the middle of it again
god's self-hate

the heat a scientist fudges magnanimously to a creationist
latest rage 'feral' barbie
olympics briefing the gbi agent near a confederate flag
how quickly our heroes lose favour
ruined project even with both of us protecting his balls
free speech costs dearly
life-long lies about god & women bernardine dies with praise
church to police its own sex-abuse inquiries
what genius juliet cleo et al portrayed by other than shes
300-odd teachers up on pedophile charges

jailed mass murderer saved from committing suicide twice
'destroy all girls' 10000000 dollars in sales
all human life conceived is female the tail comes second
unable to understand my haiku his unswung pendulum
impotency the end of a lifetime of nothing more than sex
on mother nature's rock: jesus is lord
after 'stroke' he speaks four languages in one sentence
do haiku poets want to understand each other

4m) hamburger jingle  12b) as in feral animal, domestic animal gone wild, street
 13m) after the bomb, georgia bureau of investigation  17m) 'liberal'
chicago cardinal  22m) on a t-shirt label (from a rock song); original idea
'kill all parents' deemed too much, cnn



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