marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    jan bostok


one-line linked haiku    december 16 1995-

double links

try cruel &

try cruel & unusual punishment on cruel & un/usual punishers
my free 10 minute million dollar education he doesn't get

post christmas sales & more french tests
another subscription offers win win win

patriarchal nature program pits red meat against red meat
widow's benefits' celebration bedroom heat unused since '79

no 'reforestation' plan land rezoned 'residential'
open coffin he looks unperturbed

usa 'right to pursue happiness' if government-approved undergod
today i'd almost settle for a square peg in a square hole

female toilet dispenser 'doms' 6 for $12
i inherited fat-favouring genes

male circumcision victims to enter litigation with parents
'so what?' i understand and enjoy the haiku i write

!wasn't always a man's earth!
a day of too much here and now

our planet may be on a collision course with a comet
is my daily race towards fame or futility

montana hermit's cabin on the move
haunted by the get-done list

serial killer gets life/he only has one life to give
once more the healing crystal's gentle power

he starts the dozer & nature-fucks
i need to 'kiss the ground i walk on'

massacrer's insanity plea--why didn't he know back then
all medical tests show negative but the misery lingers

patriarchal y[e]n & yan[k]
unanxiouslessnessish day

asian art exhibition a room full of rotting meat
another spring cleaning out the refrigerator

don't go east anyone
i soulated in dust

calabrian males shoot honey buzzards to become men
two migraine attacks per week is two many

'dependency on pants was a mistake'
didn't buy the myth got clobbered

semi-nude dance bar: civil rights start here girls girls girls
'if you believe that i've got' several guyreligions 'to sell you'

clothes covereth the man
can't hide much in my jeans

jones koresh applewhite moses jesus buddha mohammed et al
'there but for the grace of' mothernature [& darwin] 'go i'

environment balanced without humans
the customer's always right no more

'lucy' in a harem yet gosh no male fight-teeth to protect ownership
egotesticle 'science' speculation duh my interactive tv back-talk

compensation for stolen children a 'sorry day'
i could have been a french dawn

maybe the lads are sterile/gay/smart and the bloodline will . . .
dear cloners please send two of me 1 to think and 1 to rest

there must be black lesbian santas somewhere
no profession but i now teach school children

'it is a vast right-wing conspiracy . . . conspiring against' him
my mind an orphan in a world that resents a bird and its space

a government election to be fought on racism
unlike her i accept three black grandchildren

authorities work hard to be wrong or maybe naturally ignorant
don't know whether to blame/praise africa for brain-expansion

18Am) clothes designer bill blass [is he speaking of women's designs or 'who wears
the pants'?]  19Am) hawkins county tennessee sign  23Am) 'in search of human origin' pbs 'nova'  24Ab) 'dawn french,' amply-bossomed english comedienne  
26Ab) 'myer store' advertised for a white/male santa causing an uproar
 27Am) hillary clinton re her husband  28Am) pauline hanson has divided the australian people


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