marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



marlene mountain      jan bostok

one-line linked haiku    october 1993-september 1994
(9/6/9/6/6 pattern)

we are all suspect (fbi desperate)

fbi desperate for one female serial killer nabs a lesbian
bra-less we are all suspect
his black ass saved to save their white male faces
men have their duty women their duties
under his breath of a rapist: feeding that thing between his legs
male judge says no sometimes means yes
the light back on to scrawl i'm already nature dammit
feral child plays with the stray cat in the park
red splatters in the snow abstract painting in sarajevo

made it worse but i did get to yell at him
hairspray outlawed secret weapon of women's self defense
calif: 250 sex offenders released each month year
year of the family breastfeeding mother ejected from court
10/25/93 911 'he's gonna beat the shit out of me'
aussie law passed against mutilation they'll now return east

care care care for rwanda who cares for our farmers

world population control twenty billion condoms for starters
bought a war badge its legacy for us all
week's anniversaries 40 years of playboy 35 years of barbie
daffodils for cancer research the first day of spring
american [sic] indian [sic]: christianity devastated our culture
womcult reaffirmed nevada desert's burning male effigy
atheist robin murray-o'hair on a tv talk show: that's baloney
1995 ($19.95) the bargain priced year

a mere $10,000 for cambodians to kidnap americans & australians

time man of the year mm's misogynist of the decade
in year of the family how women of the year there are
another bastard another brakedown of patriarchy
qc"s comment: easier for women they sleep their way to the top
chomo-lung-ma world's highest mountain denamed defamed

family values: male head of house and male god head of rest
50 years since WWII 'lest (best) we forget'
in a gang with a gun in her tiny clutches shirley temple
french to create another malformed generation
father porter mass in mass. up the rectum in the rectory
'suffer' the little children & abused they do

1m) aileen wuornos now on death row  3m) clarence thomas hearing for supreme court justice  5m) 'law and order' on nbc  14m) nicole brown simpson 15b) female genital mutilation  17m) pan-am health organization  29b) queen's counsel (barrister)   30m) goddess-mother of the universe, one of the primal mothers of the himalayas (mountains of heaven), called everest in the west for the surveyor

Raw Nervz Haiku 2:4 1995-96

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