marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   jan bostok

one-line linked haiku     november 8 1995-
(6/12/12/6 pattern)

that same old

peace rally a killer killed that same old god-justified land
are there still persons waiting for godot
he dresses like women don't want to dress like
sex adjustment recipient now a hooker
amazingly johnpaulpope 2 agrees with me nauseous xymas day
towards the year 2000 a coming out of sorts

movieworld's 'personality challenged' pig gets the award
'the urge to destroy is creative'
the answer to that one listen to the song birds are singing
but will i ever get home
where is 'home' for the mountain goddess
all in one peace
greeting card's 'mad cow disease' becomes reality
oj's self-portrait: a relatively moral guy
you know the saying: you can pick your friends . . .
does parkinson have pope's disease
no one has that large a dose of delusions of grandeur
the world fucked-up she's on prosac

can't give him the benefit of a doubt the promise of spring
family loyalty demanded only from me
unable to live up to ignorance not able to live down my own
middleaged a woman becomes invisible
how i came to this art a long story about 5000 years
the creative well within within within
when doctors get healing right again they'll be female again
male domination mutilates
hisstory grad asks if a man can really be a feminist
should male female counselor crossdress
nothing on tv nothing on the web nothing deep inside
can't comprehend e-coins winter wind
despite genes i refuse to be what i might have been

8m) his staffer to 'the politician's wife' pbs  28b) one man got a job of female counselor at an australian university



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