marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



marlene mountain     jan bostok

one-line linked haiku one   february 1989-april 1993

i love us/the female endures

embarrassed to be heterosexual in a patriarchal world
if the minister for health was a woman we'd have public mammography today
i love us our 'big fat loud feminists' our skinny ones
'herstory' accepted who will listen to mystory
when we outgrow haiku get out or change it tough shit guys i'm staying
more and more into the true experience

Mother's Day present? you're not my mother he said sucking at my breast

i want the best for women i wonder what that is
and the female eunuchs will grow powerful testicles throughout the land
sonia johnson wildfire igniting the she/volution $10.95
naked by the fire heat penetrating volumes of flesh
women's liberation watered down to 'issues' as when susan screwed matilda
'Mother, I've Been Rooted' by too many men!
the more honest our female words the less likely an editor's yes
will the compassionate crying of a crone help others
being 50 almost replaces a deep need to be 25 again and not fuck up
the female endures the short colourful life of the male
what have i come to i've begun to wish for what i can't have
wanting is more painful than the physical disease
if it weren't for the world and relatives i'd be fine
once more man lies and the innocent suffer his glory
not the fog of war not the fog of peace merely the fog of men
at this time in my life i wish i had been political
i open my notebook to a big no from some bright place in the night

here & now islands of the 'marvelous void' #one(ness) in pollution
memories romantically distorted not only by time but the timing
your letter deep female art in a world of 'male poortry'
after a lifetime menopause the cruelest trick
'to know know know him is to' no no no 'him and i do'
I do do do dildo!
skin & bones somali but food can't restore her labia & clitoris
heart attacks! men leave me painfully aware
sinead shreds the pope i shred the 'poope' & jerks shredding her
alive and kicking back the kickbacks
would all be equal if we degrade them like they degrade us
strength in the mouth of a male smut in the language of a female


12m) At a crucial time in radical (at the 'root') feminism, Sally Roesch Wagner
explains in her introduction to the 1980 reprint of Matilda Joslyn Gage's 1893,
WOMAN, CHURCH & STATE, The Original Expose of Male Collaboration Against
the Female Sex, Susan B. Anthony's main interests were women's suffrage
and black civil rights and she feared that MJG's ideas--The Big Picture--would
jeopardize those. She therefore sabotaged MJG and along with Elizabeth Cady
Stanton wrote MJG out of history and even worse out of herstory; her book
suppressed for nearly 100 years.
22m) Mirrors 4:2 in 'tear out' form.
31m) See Woman of Power #18 for article by Fran B. Hosken, 'Female Genital
Mutilation.' Excision is practiced across the middle of Africa from Senegal to
Kenya, and from Tanzania to Egypt and parts of Liberia. Infibulation (therefore
defibulation), an even worse mutilation, is practiced in Mali, parts of Nigeria,
Ethiopia, Egypt, almost all of Sudan and all of Somalia. These mutilations are
not limited to Africa and in fact are performed in American hospitals.

Mirrors summer 1993

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