marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   carlos colon

one-line linked haiku    december 31 1997-april 8 1998

15 billion inches

15 billion inches to the moon when does a year really begin
damien with a meteorology degree 'el nino'
bone scan step on a crack & break your back or take fosamax
e-mail i miss the sight of your handwriting
give a man quill & infinity he'd create shakespeare's stuff
at the straining point my quality of mercy

thirty-ninth pull-up distorted face of the field day competitor
flashlight in bed have air strikes begun
fallout shelter a brawl at the pinochle table
protest haiku 'outed' on the net
trapeze act spotlight shadows nearly touching
just not qualified to be myself anymore
in the same blue power suit her new assistant
dead-locked over the death penalty
execution evening the sound of the phone not ringing
mother nature slip: global warning
ready to test-drive a new haiku but where did my kigo?
'free speech not only lives it rocks'

boxers beat shit out of each other hug at the final bell
counting to ten before kissing you again
wildflowers behind 'the therapy center' stolen for home
in the rubber room gumby
library conference yard rooster gets the name crowbar
redheaded storyteller how wide the children's eyes
graf & davenport on espn fire dies down 10-degree night
white roses and baby's-breath on her ivory casket
nothing spent at salvation army from salvation army purse
mercury dime on the railroad tracks
'be prepared' for 'boy scouts of america' discrimination
jonesboro ambush i can't stop crying

discolored spot on the wall where the fire alarm was

spring-cleaning nothing in the house
'funniest home videos' a white dog used as a twirling dust mop
paula jones goes down in defeat
crossfire, geraldo, larry king the court of the last retort
one good thing about poor memory another the perennials

2c) 'the omen'  16m) by 2 or 3 newscasters including peter jennings
18m) oprah winfrey, 2/26/98
 22c) flexible toy doll based on the 1950s t.v. character  
29m) re court decision against gays and atheists

Lynx 15.3 2000

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