marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


carlos colon    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   april 21-august 20 1998

parallel lines

right there where two parallel lines meet the last digit of pi
face on mars no kilroy chaoscoswommos of course
chiaroscuro sunset a wave of soldiers washes up on the shore
viagraless the pokeberry pokes through
off with everyone's head' the irate impotentate
prez libraries save room for their toxic waste

rain and even more rain eastwood violence just for adobe
struggling to stay afloat the unsinkable salem witch
the bard reading with that 'dopey bear' name bares watching
window sign: 'only you can prevent florist fires'
one says i'm a dove another i'm a hawk neither with feathers
letter bomb in the church collection
alleyway all the bricks painted brick red the heat of late may
cobblestone street my first time in a rickshaw
flowers dug from her garden brought home to a tornado warning
pine needle driven through the fence post
baggy pants in as i no longer look if guys dress right or left
ruby quartz earring in the magpie's beak

haiku heavyweights bending my bookshelves into a smile
stacks of stuff empty drawers of the filing cabinet
last of the color-coded dates x-ed out in his little black book
dc bloodhounds out for sperm dog the 'arkansas traveler'
rising with him from the tomb the name of 'the unknown soldier'
summer flowers mac icons
a few sprinkles on the lawn sweat from my stinging eyes
jigsaw puzzle of matisse 'red interior' sweet madness
motionless the wooden flower pinwheel flitter of hummingbirds
hierarchical crap official definition of haiku
noah webster rolls over in his subterranean postmortem repository
louise brown's 20th year dampness in the copier

information on the plastic bottle how long to gargle and why
prom night the mingled flavors of breath mints
police called on the above-age but mixed-up 'kid' by the mother
houdini hanging by his ankles
i thought she knew she must have known how could she not know
red to green the light above the confessional

1c) pi symbol for word 23c) 1st lt. michael j. blassie  28m) human nature is nature just as turtle nature is nature. human activities are what people do just as turtle activities are what turtles do. old-fogy patriarchal concepts of the human as separate are not only incorrect but dangerous. golly, are poets still counting syllables? [essay question: do we need haiku to link me/you/us to turtles?] 30m) 1st test-tube baby

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:1 1999

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