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carlos colon
  marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku  december 13 1995-february 6 1997

a child is born

a child is born mom's or surrogate's egg dad's or doc's sperm
blue baby my doctor wonders how i ever hit 40
wow do i feel better my 2c to another mean-spirited capitolist
loose change the hole in my pocket
'eyesore' tokyo police scatter 'cardboard alley' sabi wabi etc
opie and andy whistlin' toward the fishing hole

sputter sputter wheeze ping sputter wheeze barney's new car
now white only fountain bus seat counter dixie touri$m
slamming against the back of the paddy wagon freedom riders
'v for victory' to 'v(iolence) chip' for tv
interrupting the morning quiet 16 kindergarten students silenced
how can anyone be man-crazy
heart in the sand . . . mine washed away . . .
art is only art
bucket of colored chalk a space ship lands on the sidewalk
april nineteenth will it happen
laundry day %%% picking the pieces of poem from my shirt pocket
called filth trash smut her nude body

cross an act of mother nature rips off a father cross rip-off
through the hills the smell of a burning church
'a probable certainty of no harm' the 'peace of mind act'
0 Z O N E  L A Y E R
still angry at my neighbor i swipe his rotting leaves and twigs
olive branch sticking out my ears
wild[?]life privacy a silverback picks his nose and eats it
on a cloud bank marlin perkins preens his feathers
yemeni does she lust for that short-sleeved guy on the street
johnny mathis crackles in the background
intellectuals do genesis a jawbone between lucy & us from mars
2001 a golf ball orbits the moon

private course a twelve-point buck bounding down the fairway
'assault with a friendly weapon'
christmas eve starlight shadows on your side of the cell
their cows on tv on a roof
receding water we track mud in the house through the mud in the house
goodwill store manager: & don't ever come back

3m) to his congressional aide at least--a five-minute free call courtesy

of 'working assists long distance'  11c) scotland massacre  19m) spring storm in bristol tn  21m) re pesticides on food  26c) 1902-1986  27m) a person from yemen  29m) bill moyers/recent homo species find in ethiopia  32m) a cop's opinion re another cop's view of rape ('dateline' nbc)

Lynx 12:3 1997


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