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carlos colon
  marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku  march 3- december 29 1997

awards ceremony

awards ceremony the marine's medal pinned into his flesh
cares of the world still in autumn's trowel
harvest dance a maple leaf crackles under a stockinged foot
'anything you can' howl 'i can' howl . . .
a three-legged dog follows the wheelchair home
killer whale or whale killer

multi-million dollar man-made nature movie dud
silent film festival the rustle of popcorn
48% of americans believe in ufos less in identified haiku
old spaceship plunges into the pond
sludge farming you don't wanna know nothing about it never
his furrowed brow the man with the bull-tongue plow
freedom of speech read denigrate females to justify a jerk's jerk
speed chase  paparazzi kill the golden goose
eat your broccoli george you're no longer president
oval office a square peg
october first first save: hello world mm's got a mac!
mouse frozen on the screen

holding tight with both hands my dreamsicle

usher's millennium final mortgage check
shouting from every window my praise and jubilation
'the fox tuesday night movie wolf will continue'
frankie and funicello go oriental 'beach blanket ginko'
symbol for iron he bonds it together and forms a ferrous wheel
'kissing up to the wealthiest extremists of the amoral left'
out of the tube twisting twisting a lighter shade of pink
with no opinion on everything i write haiku
elections pollster wipes the spittle off the side of his face
promo for bear movie: jaws with claws

on this expensive new machine i've turned to solitaire
red and black the bookkeeper's bathroom tiles
sister wendy like men you skip past women's ancient symbols
peter pantheism 'don't trust anyone over thirteen'
image make-over: i saw santa praying at baby jesus cradle
losing its stripes the peppermint stick in hot apple cider

4m) allen ginsberg  12c) jesse stuart  14c) princess diana  20m) in 1650 archbishop james usher, confused by discrepancy between bible and
calendar, declared the world created oct 23 4044 bc, 'the third millennium
theory,' g utley, cnn 21c) somewhat after cor van den heuvel 
25c) my first introduction to concrete poetry by maj cyrus larmoyeux, ret 
26m) rev louis sheldon 'traditional values coalition' re pres clinton, reuters  30c) 'the edge'  33m) to wendy beckett re pbs art series which ignored the neolithic  35m) song written by pat boone based on a children's book after the apparent rejection of his hard rock attire, tbn

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:2 1998; Sunday at Four 7:3 1999

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