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one-line linked haiku    november 14 1998-february 2 1999

at forty-five

at forty-five back in the children's section looking for jeans that fit
not like the good/bad 70s when i craved oph
slow going this autumn night writing by the light of a lava lamp
but a woman can only be won by the strength of swords'
hercules with a sand wedge 'fairway to heaven' golf tournament'
where the deer and the antelope' played

against my grain woman at wrong number says well happy thanksgiving
scrooge sighting a month early
oh how scary-looking your eyes have gotten mr rogers the better to
sweater buttoned at the neck
back to nature another try with another guy with another backhoe
cotter pin deep in johnson grass
does larry flynt lie 2 on judiciary committee with a big bucks past
on my hawthorne book report a scarlet letter
petition:support:women's:rights:afghanistan:[email protected]
beneath my name minnie mouse's
why did the egg cross the road and say it was the first to do so
detonating the general a blonde bombshell

high in the magnolia in a wet roll of toilet paper this tiny bird
unable to find what i forgot i was looking for
on top of his head where he left them fred mertz's missing glasses
mr magoo protest by disability activists' abilities
weapons of mass destruction' nuns & priests bloody a b-52
end of the world since guy-takeovers of earth sky & sea
tombstone's anonymous death poem: 'haiku / you do this / to me?'
one cent postage hike 'biotic' pie-throwers unite
lemon meringue the secret service wrestles it to the ground
both brides ['of satan'] wore purple floral cardigans'
with his final breath judas iscariot asking for forgiveness
state of the union poor mr hyde goes into hiding

conventional serious-sounding wisdom dumb and dumber and dumbest
michael jordan takes the air out of the basketball season
no plans for the future think i'll pass on the hooters hula bowl
splitting the uprights a starling
on the bad curve door of my mailbox hangs by a rusty thread
y2k compliant her '58 edsel

2m) 'other people's haiku' after 'other people's kids' 4m) female lead in akira
kurosawa's 'roshomon' 5c) actor kevin sorbo at the vh-1 celebrity tournament
13m) 'politically incorrect' 12/8-9/98 [see 'latest joke' link 19m]
27c) based on an old "saturday night live" punch line
28m) protest wedding with 97 ministers & 20 protesters of, reuters, 1/16/99

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:2 1999-2000

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