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marlene mountain    carlos colon

one-line linked haiku     february 8-may 25 1999

enemies of

enemies of my friend friends of my enemy king hussein's wake
immigrant's son inherits the shoeshine stand
mouseitis/carpal tunnel syndrome maybe a haiku wrist splint
crick in my neck from teaching my daughter to drive
independence dependence on self spring just over the next hill
weedwacker rips through the monkey grass

the same tongue that licked the frosting off my shredded wheat
i barely remember what i craved in that moon phase
nasa space photos 'angry red planet' puts on a 'happy face'
more slaughter i prefer the intelligence of piss ants
barracks inspection a quarter bounces off the sergeant's forehead
no one to tell me to come in out of the spring rain
storage room our boxed love letters absorbing floodwater
onions unplanted hard to let go of the naked earth
mowing behind a surgical mask every other step my glasses refog
even with binoculars i can't make out the warbler
ultra-magnification the opera singer's vibrating uvula
pipe bombs is testosterone in the apples of adams

not barbie of course but little boys and dolls might make a diff
g. i. joe one arm no legs
separated families patriarchy can't stick to its owner-rules
politically correct holy bible holy bauble holy babel
in caanan much commotion to ring in the sexual season of growth
sweeps week mating porcupines
jamie shea: it has never been as true that nato never sleeps
neither of us knows how to spell it ibuprophen
internalized how the new tomato plants feel in wind & heavy rain
bumper crop at the salvage yard
unable to throw away anything including cobwebs & layers of dust
under the pointed hat a puddle of witch

still pond around my eyes the frog's reflection
'land for peace' try peace for land this time
oakland cemetery four-year-old tries to upright a tombstone
most of my life on a hillslide

sunrise one high heel lower than the other
scraggly garden still i say hi pretties

Sunday at Four 8:1 1999

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