marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain   carlos colon

one-line linked haiku   september 2 1999-January 5 2000


neglected some of my favorite pals as i try to sort thru long-agos
newspaper article crumbling in my hands
not in the moment rake leaves as they fall or when all have fallen
illegal procedure???autumn link with a football reference
'the term for the compiler of a saijiki?' analyzer retentive?
corny to the max maize maze shaped like louisiana

no need for alarm clock today a roach lands on my face
one blanket two blanket three blanket night
haiku commandments and then there were none
grimy gingrich a face big enough for two
full moon along with the champagne we share a yawn
after little josh leaves back to my own chaos custodychainofcustodychainofcustodychainofcustodychainofcustody
females degraded again our beautiful lips 'garbage' etc
looking for inspiration no further than my own back yard windless chimes
i tried to give away compliments but they kept returning
traditionalist haijin his poem running smoothly on all 17 cylinders
interesting ball game ruined by motor-mouth announcers

california feelings live from her 7.1 derailed dining car phone
floyd he names himself after hurricanes
the billionaire the ego with 'a stable of stunning girlfriends'
camel's hair brush on the record needle
wrens at the window sill for what's left in the peanut butter jar
license plate eye test: ASS1S1
not enough brain-dead donors well take stuff from the drunk drivers
funeral casket evaporating tears
trial as an adult a boy with first grade understandings the cold
four generations from shackles to shackles
ancestors on the web a line of native blood diminishes to1/256th
crack in the mirror the repairman's tool belt

low whine garbage disposal gagging on a dish towel
rattled not in my 'garden of earthly delights'
frost on the rose petals shaken baby syndrome

all those chinese males no females to love
leafless yard among the bare trees an empty rake stuck in the ground
sole legal authority' the alien elian almost home

14m chris ofili 'the people who are attacking this painting are attacking
their own interpretation, not mine.' 17c robert major
21m the howard kurtz in a stable of non-stunning boy yakkers on 'cnn'
24c if your vision is fuzzy enough, the license plate reads ASSISI

Lynx 16.3 2001

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