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marlene mountain      carlos colon

one-line linked haiku    august 19 2000-janurary 27 2001

home from

home from the garden i've forgotten the garden haiku
daylight old john deere coughs into life
3 hard drives 3 logic boards 3 memory chips 3 french hens
guano-covered another fragment from a dead sea scroll
still deep in jail dr kervorkian in bad health without a way to go
stifling summer this cool bus with poems among the ads

bell choir sharp flick of the student's wrist a second too late
latest trick in the bag the ceo apologizes
popping on the moonlit lake last bubbles of a whistleblower
'but i've always seemed to see the sad side of things'
on the road again not taken blue eyes crying in the grain
a cold front the loanshark's new used car business
all those phone solicitors on the other side of the busy signal
weaned from nature the red curtains closed
butterfly ballot right vote for the wrong candidate
ms chad for president pregnant at that
third anniversary pawn shop owner tries on your wedding ring
frozen ground fan mail from a male i don't know

though still out of luck a missing green sock in plain sight
ebay auction dryer-lint elvis
third snow just enough to remind anyone i know that kigo
me in that santa suit your wish whispered into my ear
all day a shooter testifies on 'court tv' no voice in the house
at her hip blue steel and a baby
many of my troubles diminish in light of the world at large
'will the real millennium please stand up?'
whether we date or not it might be improper to put it in words
etiquette lesson pea balanced on a knife blade
paralyzed by two 'corporapetions' she settles out of court
built-in wheelchair kitten without a pelvis

weatherwomen's long black hair does it match her wings?

guess i'll go somewhere maybe the dentist thursday
last one leaving california won't even have to turn off the lights
did it rain on his parade the illegal sheriff in dc
high noon the shadows retreating behind the horse trough
on the horizon a figure unlikely to fade into the sunset

10m willie nelson; 11c apologies to willie & robert frost; 26c bud collyer of 'to tell the truth'
30c abc news 1/12/01; susan stern (1943-1976)

Lynx 16.2 2001

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