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carlos colon     marlene mountain

linked one-line haiku  january 29-october 17 2001

inauguration day

inauguration day a moan from my e-mail server
after the 'talking desk' spiel the tv ratings go through my floor
instead of torpedo u.s. sub launches a fishing trawler
in wadded shorts 'dumb and dumber' hearings on the comeback kid
third time on the canvas the referee's hand meets its shadow
mother nature a bit nippy onion sets remain in a brown paper bag

wood ducks on the little pond all's not right with the world
silence of the st. patrick's day parade foot-and-mouth epidemic
'sincere regret' re pilot 'very sorry' entering space yak-yak
a paraskevidekatriaphobic catholic good friday the thirteenth
deeper into spring spring-writing seems useless
another case of corona my muse vacations in the caymans
a wood thrush kind of morning
snap crackle plop rice krispies and fresh strawberries
at the greenhouse my eyes bigger than my energy
haiku 'miracle-gro' the experts and their odorless excrement
none of the men deserve a middle east homeland
baby boomers joe friday tries to put the pin back in a hand grenade

trailing across the sand trap a mudsplattered golf ball
tiger in the woods can we do anything but wonder about extinction
enormous leaf a map scratched on the back of it
cold and wet on the 'hillslide' i curse the invention of wheels
grass-stained the cardboard sled skidding into laughter
does the wife of a schoolteacher's husband cry in a developed nation
my dear partner is she beating around the bush again?
even without hollywood the family values of adam & eve questionable
untouched by an angel
haiku with a capital h poet with a capital p nature merely an excuse
a sliver of a river runs through it
recovered from the gullywash the jewelweeds can't help but glisten

weather report live from the cicada bunches
not-so-little league a fourteen-year-old twelve-year-old
the last time i really saw peres a real party line
ben franklin to bin laden suicide highjackers reshape the skyline
operation fuck up the world further
interactive ending fill in the blankety blanks

notes: 8c ireland cancels celebration; 10c paraskevidekatriaphobia is the
fear of friday the thirteenth

Raw Nervz Haiku 8:1 2002

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