marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   carlos colon

one-line linked haiku    august 21-november 10 1998

latest joke

latest joke politicians prick about another's 'lies' pass it on
god watching the polls
she faces & asks what are your feelings leaves him in the trees
sales receipt wrapped around an engagement ring
the other woman blown out of the water news of a pregnant bonnie
behind the searchlights storm troopers

holocaust victims a second time swiss bank accounts empty
concentration lost yet cucumbers under a full moon
heckled comic rotten tomatoes flying toward the audience
dna material on material & more graphic material cumin'
miniature cornfield an acorn cup on the broom-straw scarecrow

homer fights another male sport more statistics to keep
cowhide crystal ball with his crown maris passes on his asterisk
a plan to put a note on my foot: haiku is a nature poem
traffic jam between two southbound lanes blur of the harley
such dirty pool no one as lucky as me in an inner tube
booster club seat cushions my own personal exploitation device
we raised bonsai--johnmyth--like we raised peanut butter

flynt's million for a bigwig affair outhustles the wrongwingers
take off a happy face and frown the whole world frowns with you
lithium does the entire universe need to be on it?
radiation therapy begun she wonders who will get little jenna
our halloween scene the pumpkin in the iron mask
up late i crave a video by marilyn manson smooth-talking & all
quadraphonic speakers the who rattling my windows
lift-off our here & now just as ambiguous as it's always been
perth lights up the cosmos
from a green plastic lean-back a scan of my shadow in leaves
hound dogs a bark's distance away from the fox

between the hoe                two halves of the snake
still saving myself for a hominid but nothing's forever
popeye looking green as a fist full of spinach ‘et tu, bluto?’
words words words corrupt my visual world
woman with no arms painting a portrait of venus
what does a vegetarian beat

Sunday at Four 7:2 1998; Lynx 17:2 2000

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