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one-line linked haiku


carlos colon    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku [rhymga two]   january 6-april 10 2000

reading thackeray

strawberry blonde reading thackeray with a daiquiri
'voice of an angel' ad's fond choice for car sales
how many more seas till the white dove sleeps? the answer still wind-blown
not-so-hot-tv-ratings plot loved female left in a lot to rot
guest poet hard to be hipper than being caught with your zipper down
oh a moment keenly perceived but the test have i seen it before

a better place our nutty world now that bow-wow et al have their hmo's
second opinion one-year-old squalls through the stethoscope
'the grandmothers' after the hand-over i hope you tell all the bosses off
incriminating letter heading through the shredder
we love babies dear prez wannabes your deadly fear we own ourselves
the fate of a blind date reversed his pez dispenser
rehearsed 'high-level peace talks' sigh let first-graders give it a crack
cease-fire white shirt of the ol' cuss on his blunderbuss
groundhog's shadow just don't expect mine to show up on this snow
moon-glow shrieks six more weeks of rotten rhyming
got to object to adverbs & adjectives on tv: and heartlessly raped her
low cloud cover another teenager in abject puberty

mayberry moment gomer and goober share a bottle of pop

ocean to mainstream: jackscrew & gimbal nut blues
shattered dishes shakespearean shrew aiming for a taming
did you ever hear the 'signs: 3 6 9 12 inches' joke
kid carpenter ignores advice: measure twice cut onc e
digital divide/white-skin privilege 'crats at the apollo
damning them hemming them in no longer jeffersonian descendants
'basic instincts' rerun even censored a case study in twists
drenched by sudden shower fists unclenched reach for a rainbow
cold snap unable to slow the sappy spring in nature's step
pep girl she never had such vim and vigor rigor mortis sets in
like an old fork stiff from too much work on the land

2000 years of mean deeds a pope's apology worthless in these ears
the truth of fables and multiplication tables: 7 x 70
dedication: the mess left by the damn 'dozer less now my pretty messes
nitwit's itty bitty ditty making him giddy
ha-ha 'your response is required by law' no whim from uncle census
flound'ring father her declaration of twin dependents


3c after bob dylan's 'blowin' in the wind'
17m john walsh 'america's most wanted' 24m quotes from the debate

carlos colon's rhymga rules: at least one word in the succeeding link should rhyme
with one of the words in the preceding link. in addition, the succeeding link should also
include a separate rhyme between two or more words. sight rhymes or
off-rhymes are acceptable

Raw Nervz Haiku 7:2 2001
[mistakes corrected:Raw Nervz Haiku 7:4 2002]

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