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carlos colon   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    january 7-december 4 1995

another slug

slimy morning another slug slips through the pay phone
juno a female sperm [huh?] whale dies
swimming up the canal four hundred million pro-lifers
have kids world-wide taken a vow of poverty
panoramic view > > > my self-centeredness
down in the (toxsick waste) dumps

oh to be in a ditch with newt and give him infections
the phlegmatic poet hawks up a haiku
great another article on another old master april fools'
rapture the court jester inherits the kingdom
n.o.w. march on washington on & upward marches his dick
phallacy is a phallacy is a phallacy is a phallacy
'the power of feminist art' my copy at $45 still at the whitney
laureled critic a hardy slap of paint across his face
censorship be damned but those wanting to own our mindbodyspirit

the school librarian whites out the naughty parts
oh what a cute out of wedlock illegitimate s.o.b. bastard baby
future courtroom kamikaze a boy named sue

apparently still harboring their grudges the trade warriors
minutes after the murders autographs of 'peace'
lot in the hot seat the sodom and gomorrah senate hearings
right-wing stink tank affirmative axetion
post-suffragette stress syndrome a slate of malodorous candidates
women gang in china shrinkage of whining male jewels
'red menace' the one hundred seventy-six billion dollar deficit
pressed & ironed out free press for the unabomber
a wrinkle in time lost somewhere in another dimension my keys
johnny cock-ism-ran-race-ism he doesn't fit
continental divide the widening gulf between black and white
standardized test her depression trivialized

political ad on tv claims 773000 words in their bible
son of solomon our primal screams
whether chicken or egg first 'government-approved feces'
murdered missionary her halo of flies
'for the price they paid to rent the car they could have had a girl'
watching a rerun the voyeur

7m) response to his quote 'if combat means living in a ditch, females have biological problems staying in a ditch for 30 days because they get infections . . . males are biologically driven to go out and hunt giraffes' newsweek 1/30/95 18c) johnny cash song  20m) of simpson 25c) time magazine 5/22/95  27c) madeleine l'engle book 35m) admiral richard macke in okinawa


Lynx 11:2 1996

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