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john dunphy    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   december 28 1992-october 1993

just like daddy/trick's parade
(some linked haiku about real life)

her fifth bar in three nights
rape camps
different faces same leers eyes and penises hardening
senator to hill: are you a woman scorned
Johnny too ashamed to tell the teacher why he can't sit down
they're killed over potty 'training'

midwinter second 'manniversary' of a 42 billion dollar war
Serb militiaman three women raped today
patriarchal reversal/erasure a haikuzi calls my art smut
editor: sorry, we accept only haikuzzzzz
babies saved christian says of christian-slain doctor
pro-lifer carves a notch in his bible
'scary' old-time nature symbols inverted to male rigmarole
altar boy runs crying from the priest's study
might just the threat of cutting it off make a difference
woman lovingly fingers her new labrys pendant
why a lesbian would even want in pa--antifemale--trick's parade
can churchmen's faces turn shamrock-green?

man buys his 10 year old a .22 the boy's first gun
who even deserves a homeland
televangelist: AIDS is god's punishment for sodomites and drug users
cast the first stone to get stoned or to be stoned
loggers use a redwood stump for their lunch-break poker game
edna caged for sex at clyde's moonshine establishment
trapper and his boy laugh about the gnawed-off leg in their trap
nature forced into man's bed overflows
pornographer ice-cubes his model's nipples into erection
steinem: we don't give a shit what she [paglia] thinks
battered wife finally safe in her prison cell
old 'comfort women' confront a male culture

when will the study of testosterone and y chromosomes be out
janitor counting cum marks on the restroom wall
dear barney frank no 'base' talk on base about women either
man tears up the Father's Day card from his gay son
invasion of maytreearchy by horseback 'gentlemen start your engines'
4 year old tries punching mommy just like daddy

9m) haikuzi: one who thinks haiku should be warm and fuzzy  
10d) haikuzzzzz: innocuous, sleep-inducing haiku
30m) fifty years ago 200,000 asian females (the majority korean) were taken
at bayonet-point to serve as 'sex slaves' for japanese soldiers.
for the first time some are telling of the brutality they experienced.
'dateline' nbc, august 10, 1993 
35m) see marija gimbutas' THE CIVILIZATION OF THE GODDESS for archeological
evidence of the beginnings of patriarchy--which changed
the world, but perhaps not forever.

Raw Nervz Haiku 1:1 1994

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