marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    john dunphy

one-line linked haiku   december 1994 -september 1995

this is our life/no more brains

'this is our life here this is not a made-for-tv movie'
'please bless my rifle, father'
at the funeral: i'm sorry i loved you too much
one bruise still visible on his wife's neck
but [fag] can never hurt
ok dick 1 in an arm[e]y of xian dicks
now stand up straight and salute the f[l]ag

'sweetheart, all little girls do this with their daddies'
leg- breast- ass- tit-man who are these mans
editor: damn it, why doesn't anyone write tra-la haiku anymore?
nice nature concrete image 3-line 'rush to judgment'
18 year old convict gang-raped again
screwed-over by another professional malemind
'yes, yes, go on' the priest masturbating in his confessional
girlies on crosses tied spread tillich's delight
gay teen tears and classmates' spit running down his face
newt's half-sister at least has smarts
hunters take turns urinating on a dying fawn
nature called wild

john doe number one another baby grown up in patriarchy
infant teethes on a rubber gun
'are you washed in the blood in the soul-cleansing blood . . .'
pro-lifer draws a bead on the clinic escort
ten times more testosterone in men nicole's '36th birthday'
men have no more brains to fuck out
may be dicks on/in some of you guys but ain't no dicks on/in me
patriarchy petering out
barbara walker the woman's encyclopedia of myths and secrets
pope jp2 three gasps per page
white male ears of quillen's aide full of a female's valuable values
can you (h)ear them coming?

'if you don't shut that goddamn kid up, I will'

50th anniversary a john wayne jap movie
'I don't give a shit how much it hurts, you'll do it and like it'
the/rapist couch freuds into a sextional sofa
father of the child he's beating: it'll make a man outta ya
great women on the small wall of china

1m) unarmed female escort pensicola abortion clinic 3m) oj simpson
5m) re sen dick armey name-calling of sen barney frank
9d) tra-la haiku: insipid, boring nature poetry--as in 'the flowers
that bloom in the spring, tra-la'

10m) johnnie cochran 14m) 'from time to time,' hannah tillich, re paul's pornography  
25m) based on 'there may be flies on . . .'
29m) free calls to big shots courtesy of 'working assets long distance'
31d) according to a study by the u.s. advisory board on child abuse and neglect,
more babies and young children die at the hands of their parents than in car
accidents, house fires, falls, or drownings

34m) mary daly's term for therapist 36m) 'women weaving the world'

Raw Nervz Haiku 3:2 1996

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