marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain  dorothy howard  lesley einer  adele kenny

one-line linked haiku/haiku capping   may 1993-june 1994

up my spine

just the word multiple sends shivers up my spine so to speak  -m

brain in overdrive trying to access something  -d 
through the looking glass another reality  -l
the MRI lesions nova-bright  -a

warm july breeze the maple loses a few diseased leaves  -d

from unfeeling fingers tinkle of breaking glass  -l
shell split down the back the cicada's song  -a
am i too tired to turn on the fan  -m

damn! trimming the baby's nails  the double image  -l

another week the tv out of focus  -a
a lot of trouble to stay brave  -m
blinking Medusa streaks instant replay  -d

morning, the light sharpened by pain  -a

i've screamed  -m

fingertips in hot water the timer goes off -d
my leg on fire!  what next?  -l

ten years suspected of many things plus a word i can't spell  -m

is it back the last moon of summer without you  -d
'what's in a name? that which we call a rose. . .'  -l
 enough thorns to last a lifetime  -a

chipping away at the frozen rain crust / her toothless grin  -d

icicles melt . . . tears for what might have been  -l
as the river flows this tingling in my hands  -a
a pretense everything's ok  -m

another new year's eve the great clock counting down  -l

no point in kidding myself to hell with resolutions  -a
older & fatter & wiser  -m
just a drop for the tin woodsman aaah  -d

first day of lent the holyman preaches penance--my back aches  -a

everything from mother nature but money  -m
midday lull only the chomping of celery  -d
struggling to swallow . . . what shit  -l

take my organs if without worries i can create as a mummy  -m

confident my daughter wears army boots  -d
stressed out . . . all the symptoms kick back in  -l
still--the chorus line keeps on dancing  -a

a ripple on the coffee my other hand moves in -d

saved the cup . . . missed my mouth!  -l
refusing to write ms before my name  -a
can't hold up the haiku sky whee  -m

two or three times a week . . . bee stings! -l

evening primrose--the capsules stick in my throat -a
heck in india scorpions on the knees -m
have i seen Lorenzo's Oil she asks -d

one day at a time . . . time . . . time . . .  -a

now i claim unabled but to prove to dr & govt for aid -m
foot on the brake pedal trembling almost controllably 

considering Alzheimer's . . . how lucky we are -l


Raw Nervz Haiku 2:3 1995

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