marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    jeanne jorgensen

one-line linked haiku   december 1995-september 1997

just the facts

'just the facts ma'am' mad/am i am it's all haiku to me
genetic engineering . . . outsmarting whom?
'national treasure' 'that old nigamammy washer woman'
on the ramp . . . models wafer-thin
heady power of freedom she defends all porn to a male liberal
divorced 20 years she finds self respect

global poisons--bewildered wildlife displaced and dying
who was loved when she should have been whipped'
dust devils last of the wild horses race with the wind
in his own words: child-molesting demon
the captive dolphins 'folks sure love to watch them perform'

what a relief year of the elderly not 'til 1999
after 50 years--my mother falls for her old beau again
possessed by spring possessed even by summer
same old religious group banging at the front door
thankful i'm 'god-forsaken'
storefront schools teaching those who have lost hope
now little-bitty kids molest each other

baby born drunk why in this man's world a woman on binges
a nineties bad word 'fat' . . . any kind
fbi 'fits the profile' file unbulges mama's tupperware and son
. . . guess we'll build another prison
three-star rating ford and fonda ride rodeo and sex-smirk
fame and the psychiatrist's couch
everything to write home about but i guess i’d better not
loving her--despite the distance
misogynist's #1 worst-dressed woman: transvestite rodman
clitoridectomy. . . castration clinics?
god-fearing fear-talk spermless dolly's 'mona lisa' smile
morning ritual . . . 'putting on her face'

deforestation--ancient giants fall into the arms of progress
every 2 hours in america a kidnapping
the emergence of street gangs in cities--tribes
'sbc' majority votes agin equality again
our lovely daughter . . . everybody's friend . . . no man’s 'gal'
'on' mother nature's 'green earth'


3m) ann richards (recently)/texas senator (good old days) of barbara
jordan (1936-1996) pbs 'newshour' transcript 1/17/96
5m) aclu president 'heads up' cnn
8m) coming attractions for bette davis' 1938 'jezebel'
10m) larry don mcquay paroled for good behavior
21m) olympics bomb (mis)suspect richard jewel
23m) 'the rounders'
27m) chicago bulls basketball player
34m) southern baptist convention


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