marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain      jean jorgensen

one-line linked haiku     july 1993-may 1994

mother nature's heat/a desert snake

forced in by mother nature's heat with the motherhood blues
so many passionless lives
blyth: women can't think doubtful if we can write haiku
thank goodness for dreams
minimum-wage job three years experience necessary
teenager clings to her pimp

eighty-eight percent of judges in Canada are men
i gotta learn how not to get along
after fifteen years he still can't understand why she left
whew no mail in the box or male
studied to death . . . why women and children are abused
was there really an earth summit in rio
the growing pall of smoke  rain forests burn
'dozer not dozing but dozing
under the covers  pre-teens study a sex manual
commercial: full-busted support
her first pair of high heels  the balancing act begins
i'm glad no one else wants to be me

'as the world sucks' say beavis and butt-head on mtv
ultra-thin  child/woman model
art book with no art to it art book with only art to it
her Mona Lisa smile
time for a nature link a lesbian gull snuggles with another
Greenpeace  small victories
'we are naked in our misery' 'oh mother we are already dead'
a bit of shade for the desert snake
to hang around for some tough dialog i'd make a fine mummy
'Hush . . . Hush, Sweet Charlotte'
court: satirists have broad rights without asking permission
grease my palm . . . lady?

novice driver  the truck slides wildly on the muddy road
traditionalists don't forget the cold and flu season
a safety pin through her nipple . . . how declasse
and now i call my son da-da
'There are strange things done in the midnight sun'
hutus tutsis 'gorillas in the mists' too


3m) history of haiku, volume 1, the hokuseido press, 1963 and 1994 reprint
25m) old women, marsh arabs in iran, whose land is being drained by sadam hussein 
35j) 'robert service, the cremation of sam mcgee

Lynx 9:3 1994 


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