marlene mountain
one-line-linked haiku


jean jorgensen   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   january 21-february 6 2001

yee haw

'yee haw' saddle bronc rider's cry before he hits the ground
when it comes to dirt my inner child's never been inner
stretch marks all over her belly and thighs  yet another 'vanishing' cream
blatant lies smoothed over in politics by hidden smoothies
new president  first thing out the window  support of family planning
i like a real skunk its black & white its honest smell

friends bring a new used wood stove our bits of talk in the chilly air
aroma of baking bread  split poplar
we listen to 'exotic' music from india not heard by mothers of the hungry
parched earth  first rain disappears without a trace
programs reinstalled on the computer after a year my forgotten mind
terminally ill  boy with a heart defect
everyone busy with troubles the serviceberry readies its blossoms
Strauss Ball  young women resplendent in satin
on trial for rape at a post-prom party football-famous testosterone
tragedy  baby born a hermaphrodite
exploited by the media then dropped for the latest scandal of the decade
first village midway  so long ago now

ski hill almost deserted  newlyweds kiss under softly falling snow  go indoors

nothing accomplished in the house a few poems
Christmas morning  everyone sleeps in except Dad stuffing the turkey
a warmer day i wander about with deer prints
Venus the brightest thing in the sky  news of an earthquake on the truck radio
i's not dotted and t's not crossed daffodils poke through
almost  a mid-air collision  lucky one of the pilots awake
tiresome hours away i snuggle back into the hills
startled awake  three different telephones  three different rooms
it didn't arrive the storm i wasn't prepared for
out in the greenhouse  retired couple check their cacti for new growth
afternoon in the flower beds as ice melts in the pond

clean sheets four-letter words from redford's mouth in the tv movie
sailboat dips into the wind  over the whitecaps
where'd the short day go another disgruntled male in america 'gone postal'
menstrual cramps  too busy to even think 'pain'
easy for some i struggle to translate our haiku into 'dreamweaver' pages
letter from a dear friend  my day complete


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