marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    michelle v lohnes

one-line linked haiku one    september 4-october 21 1998

i find oneline and you

online to find myself i find oneline and you
following the line of a mountain
down in the dirt tangential art in a long rectangle
rock shapes the profile of a man
before it hits everyone tired of the hurricane's name
each tree more distinct against the gray

quickly mixing paint pigments as the light fades
who gets to smoke the cigar and which end
curl of the paperback cover when the reading is done
the blues even my 'healing garden' blue
siamese cat and last week's garbage beside the ditch
hardly odd no sighting of a big wild hairy female
two on the richter scale measures more in my stomach

24hournewscycle a couple of questions over&over
answering the raven call women lost in foreign chant
ancient intent in my body art of my female spirit
palm holding her memory smooth curves of cold stone
neglected the wood stove no longer

wind under the patched roof its green its silver its rust
random pattern of leaf stains underfoot
gathered in a jar for an artist seeds of spider plants
armfuls of sheep wool to be spun
rumors of scattered frost nonred tomatoes soup up the soup
each cold whisper a bad taste in my mouth
on pain medication she tries to explain what kind of cancer
a cluster of five buds in this geranium family
surrounded by my past no room in this tiny room for today
shaping the scrap of leftover foil
now they're gay about the brutal murder of gay matthew
too many grim reapers at the Hallowe'en bash

house in darkness a figure climbs through broken window
the media hang around to ask how did you feel
fingers rub the cameo necklace relief worn over time
snug within nature's shevolution
slight sway of the chrysalis caught between changes
recovered wetland & i wait for herons

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:4 1998/99

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