marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain   michelle v lohnes

one-line linked haiku two    october 23-december 23 1998

underside of a ladybug

underside of a ladybug scaling lines of window screen
the need to think in female red won't let go
comic tests a new character in the vanity mirror
first-grade pictures a tongue-tied kigo
smudges of sepia from too many little fingers
up late with a creative creature miles away

file edit mailbox message transfer special window help
dripping faucet reminder to turn back the clock
nature conservancy thoughts of o henry & my love land
morning walks kept in collected rocks
ego as a mummy the time to gather the rusty dusty agos
threadbare nightgown hangs behind the door
13th link on 31st day the mailbox already struck down
after lightning the mature maple blackened ash
can a shuttle intercept his remains headed for my moon
gazing skyward the pock marked face of youth
janet jackson: free your ass and your mind will follow
loose shirt threads cling to static touch distortion of lines

scrambled cable station in censor mode
adult haiku will it ever catch on
burrs in her hair remnants of their afternoon tryst
back home from a flu shot & errands my body shot
following etchings of change that radiate from sunken eyes
vast wrongwingers to lucianne to linda to monica
chat relay adds strange characters before glitch is identified
with no devil what's in the details
life less magnified misplaced glasses allow muted contours
bottled up in boxes thousands of esoteric wanderings
through email a stranger from my past seeks a future face-to-face
i'm full of flaws

skin & bones the freak show of international meanies & us
bodies of misfortune counting their ribs
lucky again something i write rejected by a little magazine
laughing at the typo that changes my gender
impeachy probably the president's penis will be subpoenaed
the dance igniting passions again in rhythm notes

15m) eugene shoemaker on lunar prospector 
36l) fleetwood mac 'the dance' concert special

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