marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     g craig hobbs

one-line linked haiku one    july 7-october 28 1998


after all

after all the years of lust for what i now have a lust for help
early morning sun dew wet light
'we could own this blue millennium-ready let's revisit the beige'

storm and stress along the way
pist-off even alone 'eric's solitaire sample' voice: nice going
is be in me or am i home

again in this heat white light of the dying days we know
monica monica your big mouth
click bugs fiddle moths under the smoke of our tongues
my 'healing garden' is it wheelchair accessible
pile pillows upon pillows for the soft fall of our queen
a nightmare mares of the night called nightmare
white minds shatter in crystalline fragments of verisimilitude
reno held in contempt by a contemptible little prick
my dna wet jeans stained hillfigerism $$$- an american flag
thrift shop chewing gum on the tire of a fancy car
so slow i dropped the carrots- they exploded upon impact
the heat the haiku clothes still in the washer

'feminazis' band in n carolina thanks rush for the inspiration
a lie looks never ahead at the behind
just wait til the 'wrongwingers' take over art nature sex & all
and the end never ends in my mind
4th estate self-styled philosophers above the law of objectivity
what is easier than goodbye?
first josh haiku: everybody even the scary people said boo
born again born again born again die
stranger than reality the reality of stranger than reality
in a coma now she sleeps forever
'opinion elite' [sic] drag themselves out of nonegolessness to err
supple night drips clicks in my ear

wretched asphalt pale heat loses once again to winter and its wail
unsatisfied the earth wants even more leaves to rot
how can these numbers lead to anything the starving victims of time
in yet another plush setting they discuss terrorism
first renga! first renga! glowing twice over twice glowing goodbyes
halloween nears i really do need a new broom


3m) tv ad  12m) 'some medieval superstition called groups of 9 sacred
women or female spirits 'mares,' who lived in woods and might act like
succubae by settling on sleeping men and choking off their breath and
speech: night-mare. a patriarchal reversal of the muses who gave
inspiration (breathing-in) of the powers of speech and poetry.'
from a passage in barbara g. walker, 'the woman's dictionary of
symbols and sacred objects
,' harper & row, 1988

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