marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    g craig hobbs

one-line linked haiku two   september 22 1999-

cheap shots

cheap shots at patriarchal people eg myself & haiku not cheap at all
the dunking cage you enter yourself
swamped by the dried-up look of a machine that surrounds
the Gates' are locked in: children beware
alien three rerun heavy rains return to north carolina rivers
frog symphonies mark the days

waiting for the next cloud sometimes the substance of life

not pornographic women's lips art controversy my ass
and out comes your work a large squash cradled by the farmer's hand
scattered frost unopened notice from medi/don'tcare
drenched compost, RV's and avacodo trees mean florida makes the grade
a tourist trap mountains of nature-turned leaves
421 triple bypass an artery thickens chicken shacks line the way
again the push against carbohydrates veggies fruits
oprah reaching out of the refrigerator invert sugars intimation of religion maybe another male mega-merger if the bigger boys allow
satellite replicants all for prime time juggernaut thinking too much little
patientlessness moneylessness unnaturelessness

in the woods of the valley dogs on the chase sometimes a gunshot

[in progress]


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