marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain    hal roth

one-line linked haiku number one    july 1982-february 1983

talking haiku

beware of women's issues

beware of women's issues they lack humor he says humorlessly
era dead she sighs no more guilt trips for a while
lunar eclipse the false names you have been called astarte
a room of one's own on 59c of a man's dollar
employment office anybody wanting a feminist billboard painter
she becoming the man i always wanted to marry

request for maternity leave how can you treat them equal
we used the girls until they died
most of my best friends are women he adds quantitatively
i've not ruled out women came with her third wine
what's a nice girl like you doing in a mid-life career change
mary beth says your 5000 years are up
all rhetoric aside still nothing without a man
this fall not remembering the day he left
what do you mean i don't treat you like a woman
in boots ditch-digging and of her flowers
you'd tell me wouldn't you if you had something i could catch
female has no etymological connection with male at all

over kids' screams we should write a book about ex wives of phds
can ladies really write books
don't see how you know what you know way in the mountains & not a dyke
it was the duty of a saint to be happy
qadishtu holy women translated by men temple prostitutes
woe to the women the bible tells me so
innin inanna nana nut anat anahita istar isis au set ishara asherah
it's a girl the fetus aborted
we who made it perfumed she writes in big print and called gash
be a baby doll and get me some coffee
she admitted just beginning to understand what bra-burning was all about
i'm all his was more than enough once

she is happy enough as she is am i not the head of my house

d.a.: hell the kid asked for rape asked him for a beer
cats as a matter of fact do not go to heaven (and women)
he is the Absolute--she is the Other
equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged
her song power to the witch and to the woman in me

Frogpond 6:3 1983
(accompanying notes/quotes not published--to be added)

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