marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


one-line linked haiku number two    april 1983-september 1984

destitute since

destitute since not offering incense to the queen of heaven*
pain in the hollow of my back morning star
the right hand's name is fuzzy the left hand wuzzy
sipping white wine imagined love affair
thought blood would never come passion or self-destructiveness
waking with the thought to quit

half moon walking me home again not telling her

screwing in the great goddess art gallery
sunrise another yellow bus spilling kids this heat
without a melody the blues pass through
peering into fog knowing now it will never work out
leaves turning i remain holed up
building another set of shelves the years i've spent on one
even fewer dreams now
indian summer two nights in a row i think of running away
stone sober into my forty-fourth year
slowly conscious cold floor tile against my cheek
over and over knowing i don't fit in

could kick myself all those treading water days and nights
rainy night dream of a baby drowning
one last lie on the unemployment form one last check
bitter cold i find a quarter
will i ever know why that dawn i busted my paint brushes
rising to her touch fog horn
first iris tips for a while at odds with nothing
even the full moon brings no call
slowly skin folds and folds again another wait
out of the john a kid with a gun
newsstand how have men screwed up my world today
packing unpacking again

thinking about retirement i overdust the cabbage worms
my son the age sons get killed
now that i have a choice the fear that i don't want either
in the dark loving two bodies
'you're very fond of her aren't you' three peas left on the plate
women and minorities

*jeremiah 44:15-19

Frogpond 8:3 1985


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