marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    hal roth

one-line linked haiku three   october 1984-february 1986

double links

from the first ship

fucked over from the first ship arawaks and other mother earth
savage i am to be called (1/64th creek) not to forget whore bitch dizzy

a thousand sikhs lynched
leaves turn red my knot of anger tightens

freedom for the poles intones the pope no freedom for the women
never fantasize yet fantasize safe uncomplicated reliable way to love

baby fay's headline rainsoaked on the dump
cleaning out my desk trashing the policy book

5 hundred million starving fashionable scarf and barf parties
the new year begins downing medicines that do nothing but cost

blood-red sunrise a.m. of the arms' talks
shattered the sixth generation teapot

replacing last century's fantasy with this one's new view of black art
'when they hide the road i'll be old' when i planted the pines that hide the road

2.5 billion of $8 billion yearly is 'kiddie' porn
why i want to know have there been no great men

in lincoln nebraska a prostitute's disappearance on page 12 of the evening news
his semen pooled on her taut brown skin dawn fog on the day of the trial

haiku everywhere wordless nothing special oneness
before my eyes a japanese poet hits his wife

another bomb thud four levels down a black rook takes the ivory queen
holding the packet for the narc eyes strain into steady rain

nuclear submarines are not female
if women wanted war we'd have invented it

59 hostages dead the sun sets a minute earlier than yesterday
the deer spins and falls one twilight cloud the color of the muzzle blast

darkness since god said let there be light
haunted by a world i don't like

'i want her to have no barriers to attracting her mate' the $95 book
smoke twisting from a neighbor's chimney afternoon after challenger

a prayer then onward to destroy everything

intent: the first of each double link about the world, the second link about
oneself in the world; i liken this to playing the twelve-string guitar--not the
'stringless lute'

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