marlene mountain
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anne mckay   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   (date?)

a letting of light
(alternate 6/12/12/6 pattern)

always she moves from me  over the gate singing  this daughter
here 21 years most of the painful memories gone
something about her something secret  something wilder than song
no autumn moon still stuck inside rewriting
in the matter of pruning  it is not so much the severing of shadow
but rather a slow staining  a letting of light

instead of women and minorities we could say everyone but white men
'martha all is forgiven  please come home'
alaskan governor hickel: you can't just let nature run wild
i belong to a land i have left
hey usa/can bosses: japanese haiku spirit/rules experiment over mov'em out
in the clearing  faintly  a sound of bells
with babygrandson let's rocknroll & here's mm's radicalfeministstuff
and lover  if you can't bring flesh  don't bother
penis: tail (look it up) tail: 5b female sexual partner usu. cons. vulgar
and i like apieceoftail  (i looked it up)
mary daly wild cat and cow--the cow--jump over the moon: outercourse
and mrs o'leary of course

on recipe page: life as a single more appealing to older women
i'm waiting for a radical feminist atheist president
my dreams under umbrellas in this rainvalley  ...raindreams
only one earth day
i've been away so long  so long  all the way from summer
madly in love with 'magical breasts' of bird goddess
but you don't know all of me  you haven't yet remembered me ...
i doubt we'll live to see nature rebirth herself
the stories by lamplight now  the same stories  the same stars
by make america female again i mean indigenous maytreearchy
every night  shadow of wolfwoman  reaching into my window
my silent howl reaching out to lost kin

first known poet enheduanna in cuneiform her praises to inanna
and we  still in this place of the long night
yet another woman becoming aware of sexual abuse as a child
first snow  kind as a mother covering
will: only pull the plug if i've lost my artistically perverse mind
in rooms white with roses...

10a) colette  28m) reagan: make america a man again
31m) sumer (mesopotamia), c. 2300 b.c.e.

Lynx 9:1 1994


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