marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



marlene mountain      anne mckay

one-line linked haiku      january 1995-june 1996



oldmanwinterfatherskymaninthemoonfathertime mothernature
say amen somebody
chimps like us do you suppose chimps in cages like us
did the three sisters ever get to moscow...
she lives on in vials swatches and bruised photographs
glaziers of women there penance for impetuousness

365 minus earth day equals 364 non-earth days maybe 365
baby not locked in wed nor she
to need form not formality  discipline not rigidity
streisand: the artist as citizen
from the night cell  'need some sugar in my bowl'
widow's benefits something from him after all
they stay  grey now  to stumble in small spaces
plant bulbs three times their diameter
my words  yellow ochre umber  in lieu of jonquils
wind knocks out the color tv
you are not mourned  i mourn the love  that it is gone
land for war land for peace stolen from nature

out west wolves reintroduced a sign reads predator friendly
holding just  to my last skin
more than real mare of the night sacred in shetimes
yes  a sense of place  not placement
mad o'hair--on tape she sends everyone to hell--now missing
if you knock on my door i may not even hear
undercover investigation 'bottoms up' topless dancers pinched
sometimes a sly helping hand  the hunter
'good taste is the death of art' 'what's on the 6 o'clock news'
still life  her newborn stillborn
international women's day can men liberate themselves from men
can i get there by candle

my room smaller and smaller  in the season of falling flowers
a heyecoot i wouldn't survive without sheku
and the reed must ever sing  for the lost reed bed
silence settled upon the green place
a language of leaves


3m) jane goodall 6m) adrienne rich 27m) truman capote/garth brooks

Raw Nervz Haiku 4:2 1997

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