marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


anne mckay   marlene mountain

one-line-linked haiku two  october 1989-december 90

bring a candle

would i   could i   yes would live my life on a swing   if i could
sometimes the need to admit a deep loneliness on this road
come at nine come at nine  i'm younger at nine  bring a candle
to celebrate being born female to make up for never doing it
but not the joy  my sorrow he woos  he wears  it is his skin
multiple orgasms in color as catherine takes vincent

still trying to say the spark's gone out already it's solstice
. . . and i don't know the password
all or nothing the courage it takes to face my own writing
i was loved understood praised and hung from a cross
35 years of creativity insanity within sanity within insanity
about her always  that fragrance  ashes of roses
i expect from women what they don't seem to expect from themselves
she knew when she was little  in a plumsilk dress
but it got lost somewhere . . .
as nature we move into no blood into our deep rebirth
to seek the hidden root  the cherry and the stone
rain on rain a 'great mad mother' seeps into pretty pink paper

out of a ghetto in to a ghetto
i say don't to her journalism major a life of cocktemplation
best i can do perceived moments through crone eyes
time is not so bountiful and i am less beautiful  less tame
1970 a species lost each day 1990 each hour
still heard  through rarely seen now  rainbird in the raintree
much of my mind pours out to a japanese male
our bed is warm and sweet and yet i can't seem to meet him there
have my poems then seduced me  become my loving
chaoscoswommos: from my womwomb i give you yourselves womocreativa
seed of daughter to seed of daughter  a fine hunger
yes but woman was not anon is not anon and will not be anon

bright yellow  the noname brand
the dream to get back home to wake and know i was never there
even a little shevolution a dangerous thing
for ever and ever this queendom come  her will will be done
womolithic art in matrilogical times
and the vision  the poem  will sing us home

6m) 'beauty and the beast' 10a) jorges luis borges

Lynx autumn 1991


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