marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



anne mckay    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku three   january 1991 - july 1992

this covenant

and the women again to the widow walk to wait
smart--pricktriotic father phallic--bombs
strange markings in the sand  this dance macabre  this arabesque
but these bruised  eyes  cruising the corners of nightcities
less able to run ridges to venture another oh no

'our' faraway anne in blue writing has she a hidden red ribbon
the vein the vein  that slow singing river
old painting i still hug the moon her arms still silver around me
. . . too tight  maybe
small voice in a wilderness  and it's my wilderness
unsolicited 'guru' sends his deep answers to stuff i long ago stuffed
softly  softly  the cunning assassins
i never see women like me on the news with female solutions
ah the douche massengill  with vinegar  and flowers
we laugh so hard she pees in her pants and runs home 35 years ago
as i was young and easy under the apple boughs

about the lilting house and happy as the grass was green'
life not so gentle and now this autumn night
the dream deferred  lost ones drifting to ashcan fires
a wish unable to happen or just waiting to happen
you say it is lonely  i say it is lovely  go now let it be lovely
they want me to write what we already know
to be  not informed but transformed  yes that's it  that's it
a woman's mind how wonderful for you and me
music and instrument  knowing the difference  this covenant
her anger validated she leaves the room with a smile
i go for walks in a secret closet
words from my cunt

any 'weeping duty' can be kissed awakened aroused by a prince
only for children  blind man's bluff
all fool's day enough pain now that i can begin to sell it
. . . and some small angel may come  rushing
the new stress from trying not to do a hundred things at once
the other image seeping through  pentimento

4m) libana  29m) anne hebert

Lynx 8:2 october 1993
[errors corrected in a later sheet]


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