marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain   anne mckay

one-line linked haiku    december 1996-august 1998

gravity flow
(alternate 6/12/12/6)

as mary's daughter we'd roam all of africa for mother bones
and me still caught on the edge of metaphor
poor basho his translated haiku used against us against him
we are singing  shall we endure
'i've never told you you're a whore what do you think of that'
nobody waved goodbye

these childhoods  lost in linens and lies

easterweek the littlecult & the bigcult
so close the living the dying  lilies in a blue bowl
no clinical term for how i think in my room
newsflash 5am  possible intelligent life on this planet
an explanation of humanity to the mortgage lender
weighing carefully  his pound of flesh  pale perfume
if there was the big bang and no one heard it . . .
bright illusions wait and wander under streetcafe umbrellas
pot-bellied pig and i agent orange reign
with flutes from a far country  this intermezzo
lst online search anarchy atheism art haiku
even now  the dark pod of his coffin with bread and salt
drs' creed 'first do' you have patriarchal insurance

dear cloner here's a hair please send several of me for parts
'something wicked this way comes'
'bill and i have been accused of everything including murder'
no southern comfort at the corner store
can't wait for nature's spring not the haiku spring of poets
to the stillwhite wood  searching a maypole
'the best way to take care of a river is to stay out of it'
slipping her mooring  the red rowboat
what's left of the maple beneath the power line with leaves
taproot  deep and dreaming
gravity flow from pond to garden a newt spurts from the hose
little gobetween

hear no evil  see no evil  speak no evil

neither would go to school or church
caught in the nave  sparrow  resting with our lady of sorrows
softly softly the cunning assassin

1m) mary leakey 1913-1996  16m) after mm  23m) hillary clinton
27m) bill yambert


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