marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


anne mckay    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    c february 1999-march 2001 ---?

trick or treat
(alternate 6/12/12/6)

under the fourth streetlamp  searching my key  the wrong key
i no longer remember the intensity of typed poems
old women  they wait  when they should turn to journeys
well just who created the tornado god or nature
'somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly  why oh why can't i'
ditch left by a backhoe a mosquito pond with frogs

won't see the fruits of my labor so it's labor i've chosen to love
blight  in the cherry orchard this year
big agribusiness another farm family goes to pot before going bust
contest in the barn  catching flies  in one hand
july armstrongs: moon anniversary cancer to bike win beheaded
and the nightingale wept
'animal farm' on the tube napoleon's way-too-wet-for-a-pig nose
marianne moore wore a tricornered hat too
stuck at the mac with old poems only half of autumn passes me by
such words  richer than robbers
home safely at dusk past virgin and one-hump camel cut-outs
tears and tantrums  the sandman cometh

brahms 'lullaby and goodnight'  faintly  from the nursery
on the cool earth on a cold day yet warmed
no landlord hovering  my own land  my own tulips  my own self
unable to think on paper great blue and i
'to sleep  perchance to dream'  maybe there  it will come
picked up not dusted off when i leave the garden
vancouver area  5 missing children in 1 month  police baffled
war and hate a world of misdefined spaces
black witch white ghost green skeleton  same red door  trick or treat
partisan passions now the 'hidden undervote' in florida
'john john the grey goose is gone  the fox is off to his den-o'
the plot thickens the reward thickens 'the texas 7'

tv movies & email haiku a mind snowed in along with the rest of me
power-out  back to book and candle
i love to see dirt on people much more than salt of the sea
marlene  our lady of the flowers
our lady of mountain gardens  our lady of haiku

notes: 11m) neil, lance, joie 12a) lorca 34a) jean genet

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