marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain   anne mckay

one-line linked haiku one    june 1986-august 1988

our rights our rites

hot night pushy for women our rights our rites our riots
and writings from the brokenpromised land
i was fortyfive before i heard of matilda joslyn gage
waiting still  in the house of winter
the world based on a lie i paint what i want to paint
a place now for those songs she couldn't sing

pale fingers polishing her days  a scent of lemon lingering
my art my life hidden from mother
in soft earthcolours  these masks carved with such care
hisstory of pricktriarchy on the liebrary shelves
well he said that she said that he said  shedonehimwrong
after oral sex speechless
source into source  my moonblood veining the warm stream
more than 'mothers daughters wives'
her strong hands bathing the body  binding the shroud
mammogram put off i break dead limbs for kindling
again  no funds for the battered womens' centre
when the divine was female female was divine

at work toward being a grinch who will really really steal it
what of those little foxes that spoil the vine
'for nothin left to lose' where were we when janis joplin died
daughterwoman's eyes spilling salt and blind bravado
major in painting he said you'll just get married anyway
no entry then  for one who flies alone
to know too many sad and bad things humans do to huwoms
yes  for years i said yes  but i lied
unable to help and now a microphone of paranoia in her mouth
not ready to hear a woman sing until i've heard her scream
shesnickering shecackling sheriotously sherasing the herasers ah
shedding winter  a woman of passage

waits by the river  waits for the message  that green power
no blood for 3 months now even more the crone
the way of the dance  the why of the dance  forgotten
in trusting myself another woman trusts herself
and another and another and another  into an otherland
reckless restless affirmation of shebeing

28a) marlene mountain

Wind Chimes #27


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