marlene mountain
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probably 2 'real' renga sorta


marlene mountain   francine porad  

one-line linked haiku 1   september 1-5 2002

a deer

a deer drinks in the surroundings then drinks in the pond
painting delivered worry mirrored in the glass
the plug pulled on ricci's brain is elizabeth hidden deep within
a nation of skeptics the ongoing search for bin Laden
trotted out of comfy digs for a weekend of tough talk the veep
time to attack Iraq? in all ways the astounding cost

'You're one in a million!' updated to ' in a hundred million!'
dozens of swifts follow dusk into a chimney of their own
sculpture of basalt the centerpiece of Costco corporate offices
'labor day' do i have enough energy for nature
pickling spice and dill added to each jar of little green tomatoes
cookout with neighbors a serving of neolithic info
the foreigner ends his note by telling me he's 'greatfully mine'
a teaser the windows rolled up for nothing
Katie and 'fans' due at four this afternoon the cleaning lady too
ready to call it a night tho the stars are in
six Elvis impersonators shooting dice at one crap table
who has the nerve not to define haiku

breeze in the hollow the kind a string of words might not catch
muttering his red hair spikes shampooed by schoolmarm
three wasp stings at once spit and tobacco almost too handy
doctor's tank fish swim around and around and around
rescued from the blacktop a turtle's feet on bottomland for now
another birthday 26,663 days on earth
a gift the yellowest of the butterflies on the pinkest of a thistle
easy to believe in rebirth and it's not even spring
'person of interest' a compliment except from the improved fbi
mystery of a 'volunteer' plant in the rockery
a 130 mph ace on the hard court wins the tiebreak but good
entire story: JC, spouse, kids through great-grandkids

'As I was traveling to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives...'
alone in the stir that god-fearing mormon
weeds sending up shoots a three-pronged fork plunges further
in the kitchen and the heat martha stewart
weatherman forecasts gray clouds and rain wrong again
the mailbox waits my out-of-date walk

15f fans = parents, aunts & uncles

Lynx 18:1 2003

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