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probably 2 'real' renga sorta


    francine porad      marlene mountain    

one-line linked haiku 2   september 8-13 2002

open house

open house on the porch out of the rain a pile of shoes
the flashlight with its yellow in plain sight
near-record salmon runs Indian tribes gather in Puget Sound
new reasons to go to war old ones not to go
will the public be convinced the memorial candle for peace
say what 'every 30 seconds someone disappears'

'tis the season for yet another purple asters native and tamed
at services mesmerized by the girl with blue hair
did little boys truly kill their dad or did one's middle-aged lover
he refuses dialysis summer's end
a clump of hot pokers divided each with a fresh outlook on life
magazine cover barely recognizable Carol Burnett
latest book of linked haiku confident enough to call it probably
no doubt about it collaborative writing is fun
relative relief from pain first good week just shy of 20 years
visible jolt at the sound of her high C
a chill in the air then cicadas then the 'elevated alert' elevated
repeated 9/11 scenes of trauma at the Twin Towers

cell phone exchange between father and son from hope to horror
'insider information' the biggest cuke saved for seeds
mid-September songbirds at the feeder plumper than usual
one more bugged pine plenty of beaks to debug
a stack of wood rounds nature prepares to be dormant
fallen far too long the drought-looking sky
Tate Gallery spectator: Babe, ever hear of a guy named Turner?
pastoral setting cows in the creek eliminate it
in the moist fields abundant skunk cabbages rhizome collecting
tough talk shunned apparently no smoking nuclear gun
a cigarette the perfect icon for film-noir movies of the '50's
bad actor to bad prez one of my better 'bad' deliveries

as the saying goes they live only a step above a chicken coop
Hooverville a geranium on a window sill
inward-seeking black-eyed susans broken across the land
'eighty dugres today, Grandma' my Tucson 'weather guru'
too close for comfort a nest of used blankets on a katydid night
low-key Friday the 13th I water the garden 'good'

6m promo for a CBS program
34f Instant Message about Seattle weather

Lynx 18:1 2003

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