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probably 2 'real' renga sorta


francine porad  marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku 4  september 19-25 2002


awesome technical advances can we get past bombings and hatred
life will be better once all the black gold's ill-gotten
a full tank of gas little traffic and a coupon for fish and chips
rain delay as glad bulbs loaded with peach harden off
thoughts turn to spring planting parrot tulips in portable pots
free as a bird unless habitatly-challenged

'home of the brave' have you turned in your suspicious nature
tip of the cat's tail last seen under the fence
a long day until it began to darken beneath the fluffy clouds
adding a dab of purple in the shadows
no workable pen in the truck a poem stays just inside an oak
with a journal and a computer handy I'm happy
seasonal change the cucumber beetles outnumber the cukes
'buddy system' 25% of rapes by more than one man
how to kill females under the guise of how females were killed
drive-by shooting not found in an instruction manual
tattoos stretch into neolithic times where earth meant something
red ocher on cave walls an I-was-here handprint

another slightly-varied monotype seaweed pieces in the press
gone to his head with plenty of room dubya's egomania
photographing up women's skirts OK'd by WA Supreme Court
j edgar's name still 'tackied' on the peoples' wall
hundreds of thousands without power in Yucatan Peninsula
tho tired lavender and pink now bedded together
I pluck the spent blossoms then start my exercise routine
autumn sky after the mist settles down
overhead in ever-widening circles the route of the hawk
pretty much ignored albert gore's view of iraq and me
if Saddam treats others the way he treats his own countrymen...
clear and present how fall has exaggerated the pines

will young martha toogood's mom do prison or do parenting again
verdict on Mad (Madelyne shortened) still out
prediction of a colder than last year's winter which was warmish
for the first time seed clusters on our ivy
ready for almost anything a passed-along elvis shirt unfolded
the kitten disappears before the neutering

23f Hurricane Isidore

Lynx 18:1 2003

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