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jane reichhold     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku  december 11-13/19 1990

blind links

open i'd blind

Between my legs the I eye am
at 51 half moons under blue moons
the apple cut an eye revealed bleeding
i don't go around saying i love nature
slipping from the mountain pass my I of the night
no need to fear my kind of honesty

lost and found feelings deep in writing begun 30 years ago
hearing the bitch's excuses ei! ei! I
the struggle into minimalism the struggle out and into my life
touching your face how selfish my I's
i've come too far now for plain old esthetic conversations
mirror looking inside my womanness
in my heart fuck rengaleaps it's the jump from art to heart/ache
seven days this eye weeps some moonths twice
offended by my words consider the reasons they've had to appear
heavy eyelids  smiling  her thick lips
to hear from others that others dislike me my unhaiku oneness
the mask  without an I

eve the eye without a tail
still not over my neglect of the female
headlights on the dark deer green glowing
more fan mail from males than woms
unseeing an iris with petals
all the emotion sends me to bed alone
curls around one which winks pubic hair
dirt rich (at least)
grocery store the door opened by one electronic
trees alive in my head
nights two red spots blink slink away
i've said it clumsy but it's said

yet now that i kinda know don't know if i can do what i do
center of a hurricane the whole town
the real nothing special after we've etched the real horrors
my mother named me I'm a Jean
one moment to show everything the next to rebury it deeper
those crazy women always wreyeting

Lynx 10:1 1995

mm: this was to be a 'blind renga' [a term i created in 1982] on the subject of i/myself/the personal. the partners are to write their 18 (based on the 6/12/12/6 long/short pattern) links within a few days and put in the mail. if either partner receives her partner's poems she's not to look until her poems are mailed. then each partner puts the poems together as is. changing not allowed or the piece loses its 'blind' aspect.

see 'as is blind renga 1'

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