marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain       francine porad

one-line linked haiku six     august 15-19 1998

can't stand sitting

america i stand by her man i stand by her i can't stand sitting by
daymoon and fishermen under cloud cover
the ground so dry-cracked the heavy rain is hardly rain at all
brother sister and I cling anniversary of mama's death
she has to clean the kitchen before an emergency call for him
ridge of high pressure pulling up the anchor

seaplane coasts to a stop three beeping fuel tanks on empty

if i watered the '71 green shag an indoor garden
shades of Scheherazade together on a magic carpet ride
rusty toyota truck without a muffler so far so good
drum roll when will the art critics beat a path to my door
'hey there you with the stars in your eyes'
uninhibited little girls and big-breasted gals macarina
preying mantis without a male head
updating my will six children now instead of one
to reporters: quit your day job & get a life
grand jury investigation is not so grand turned off
problems no longer problems but issues

brakes fail at the airport one flies one pumps all the way home
a place to rent green belt out back
now with everything under the sun put behind us our big asses
'Man Pointing' bronze sculpture by Giacometti
her mother's regeneration within animals of our great goddess
old man silent about his past tattoos
age spots the favorite mole just above my breasts a 3rd nipple
party frocks no longer fit autumn drizzle
a fortune turned down 2 billion credit cards mailed in a year
too many possessions who gets this who wants that
400 straw bales still on lay-a-way those 'wolves' at my heart
farm country ever closer to the city

a branch of Japanese maple first leaves to turn golden
haiku is as haiku isn't as haiku is
oatmeal again a no-season word pickles & ice cream too
can an 11-year-old buy a pregnancy test
thin trees cast intermittent shadows lightshow
madeleine albright's hero 'xena'

 12m) 'hey there!'   29m) a 100-year-old renewable resource method for homes &
other structures

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