marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

francine porad      marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku seven     august 19-23 1998


seven is my lucky number found on each lotto ticket
i let fear of privacy loss get the best of me
camping out tent and barbeque set up in the back yard
'technology to bring the mountain to the ocean'
online again to find the feminist viewpoint always had it
not of course new stone i name the era paleoclay

marija marija marija 'how wonderful a sound . . .say it loud'
HOORAY mu$t $hare my art award winner new$
ideas continue to rain some of the clothes dry in the basket
overactive bladder it sounds 'politically correct'
he blather of history i couldn't exaggerate enough to even up
a no-win situation I want a win-win one
not unlucky to get radical to uproot to root out to find roots
dear mm you're right musing as I garden
ps even tho i always say i in haiku i like it when you say I
a toothbrush maybe but talking toilets
stockless 'so much going on from lewinsky to russia to . . .'
organized terror where's the one minute Maalox

solemnly announced by the funeral director a catered lunch
'information detectives' i have some deep info for you
caught thin little arm down the throat of the mounted salmon
outside the beltway newts in my little pond
treehouse hidden by woods my dreamhouse in the open
my birthday card to her unsigned unsent
third call from AT&T asking me to switch allegiance
babyless 'prom mom' i can't let go of that voice
ideal vacation for two: two bathrooms, two computers, two TV's
'my bonnie lies over the ocean' a little rain will do us
our gardener's bill I inspect the neighbor's green green grass
called tomboy why not tomgirl tho both deter

world 'heightened state of awareness' a leanback chair a haiku
sky-gazing this short night baby on my hip
new pollution for 2nd oldest river 'mad mother earths' nearby
my friend makes up statistics no one questions
hard to comprehend when media explain it before during & after
an eagle's-eye view the ant's-eye view

4m gloria orenstein, author and professor  5f after seeing ["orenstein] 7m for the late dr marija gimbutas, archeologist and ucla professor; based on 'maria' from 'west side story,' lyrics by stephen sondheim, music by leonard bernstein  
13m radical: 1. arising from or going to a root or source, 'the american heritage dictionary'  16f tv ads [cars talk too]  17m 'global market turmoil' 8/21/98, cnn reporter 33m painting series shown in watauga county, north carolina where the 'new river' runs thru

Amelia 1999

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