marlene mountain
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probably 'real' renga sorta

'Come the millennium, month 12,
In the home of greatest power,
The village idiot will come forth
To be proclaimed the leader'
Nostradamus via a chat board

francine porad        marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku 2        december 20-26 2000

chat boards

bitter cold 'Demonocrats' and 'Repulsicans' on chat boards
i've switched to the rae carruth death penalty trial
all-day surveillance hearing others' thoughts in What Women Think
test to son's new pager: put in your digital message
first day of winter nothing disturbs the stillness of the lake
baby born by accident in a highway crash motherless

in georgespeak the head of a non-existing department announced
doomsayers abound the sell-off
'send your comments' as if corps care money in one's online identity
the next best thing holding hands electronically
2:00 am a yell from the porch a 911 call a car off the curve the chill
secret to softening anxiety: worry beads
a nonhaiku-content fridge dies some of the contents ok for haiku
power outage the menorah found by flashlight
whatta week but today the thermometer hovers around freezing
requested gift stick it in your ear when feeling punk
sometimes i wonder if i make sense to anyone but myself sometimes
she winks at her mirror image

sexy passages starred in the borrowed magazine 'hold me...'

left out of the updated anthology update on haiku
pinhole-in-a-box view of the solar eclipse budding astronomer
no lights no tourists in the 'prince-of-peace land'
when will it end rumors of a peace agreement travel like wildfire
my quiet life i bring a world that doesn't work into it
free screen-saver downloads offered in place of the usual polls
cobwebs swept odor of sacred wood in the stove
European grandma could gauge the temperature two mill ends worth
across the bridge pointed toward town toyota pickup
each in their own car we meet at the theater to see The Family Man
candy so good i don't dare ask for the recipe

on the garden program the mixture not dirty enough to be soil
bleach bath for the whites tinged blue
little jonbenet still dead in america little elian still alive in cuba
what my life might have been no regrets
a good day nothing accomplished but unaccomplished haiku
'this message is no longer available'

Lynx 17:1 2002

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