marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

probably 'real' renga sorta

marlene mountain     francine porad

one-line linked haiku 3  december 27-31 2000

toward home

toward home the mountain on the left moves to the right
dream enigma ends with an aha!
bed now beside the computer anxious for a fresh notebook
via email Florida friends say goodnight
'all politics is local' with well-placed relatives & 5 supremes
front page: newspaper strike

Seattle Times: the usual 'drive-by,' weather report, fire, hero

mike with the new part an ancient green fridge
scrounging for dinner fixin's salami sandwich and an orange 'works'
at a scary part of the film scrape of the night plow
cold with sunshine here on the West coast no snow no snow please
i take liberties in haiku only beyond my liberties
no one claims 'responsibility' simultaneous bomb attacks in Manilla
a tough life from clenched teeth to clenched fists
waiting for 01/01/01 hopes for peace in the 'real' millennium
so far so good: electricity and telephone and spring water
Victorian mansion with modern amenities $10 extra for haunted room
the squirrel resettles between ceiling & flooring

fallen branches through the wood stove then back on the land
dust to dust a child tasting dirt
too early to wonder about seeds in a cardboard box under the table
on the wedding quilt each stage of plant growth
one of the gang members a head taller than those in the lineup
'just the facts, Mam' slanted
japanese poets i sense prefer we write with american sensibilities
online two-day contest: World-wide Double Kukai
all the trees sold for a view from their double-wide set on a hill
window washers canvas the neighborhood
deputies on the prowl for the combo of moonshine and black ice
a more satisfying mix: ice cream and Kahlua

New Year's Eve Space Needle party fireworks on local TV
half a hermit's glee stuff by post & thru a wire or two
regular chores too much of a chore no one will chastise if I ignore
a longer day the snow outlasts it by a foot
to be at home and all that implies decorator pillows on the floor
almost past midnight probably

Lynx 17:1 2002

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