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      marlene mountain    francine porad       

one-line linked haiku 12    august 14-19 2002

cool mornings

cool mornings cool evenings the rest of august just plain august
hot under the collar another child abducted
new back tires over the rocky road into my backwoods life
'the hills the greenest green' in Emerald City
'but wait there's more' in the tv offer & even a prize-winning haiku
use the word shadow and you're a shoo-in

time for one of those how-did-you-find-that-out questions
water heater woes a small fortune for small germs
85 degrees complaints when it rains ditto when it doesn't
so dry salamanders have turned into lizards
desert oil bankrupt-the-terrorists lawsuit for trillions filed
another turnip story he points the way to a funny farm
after an outburst Uncle Barney marches himself into a corner
50 years for the adolescent adolescent-killer
meditation exercise blocking the ever-present airplane noise
more thunder on the pond than moisture
the count of murdered gangsters soars 'Godfather III on tape
almost light many things remain unclear

it hardly seems wild the boneset in flower again this year
seniors wheelchair 'stroll' around the garden
what good news the mourning dove not in mourning at all
one dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts delivered
due to art and nature i've lost my direction in this world
from the printer a detailed map to the ginko
a big salad from what began as a gleam in the eyes of spring
thank-you brunch for her real estate customers
afghanistan the 51st state and looks like iraq could be the 52nd
'politics makes strange bedfellows'
unnerved a puppy into a house that needs no more situations
artist strokes dark clouds with a touch of gold

a stack of picture postcards oh! to finger the warm sand again
while the heavy fog burns off a downy
new facts regarding bin Laden's network terror-training tactics
plan c don't do plan a or plan b
irritating talk from those who slam U. S. try living elsewhere
the valley overrun with itself

24f ginko - group nature walk/haiku writing

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