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probably 'real' renga sorta

      francine porad  marlene mountain     

one-line linked haiku 13    august 18-24 2002

geranium blooms

eighteen geranium blooms burst open my favorite shade of red
unidentified orange fibers on her broken body
great brand name for a pain medication Celebrex-using dancers
tired but a grinning kind of tired
Whoopi Goldberg entertains raising funds for the homeless
will we return land to native and slave descendants

i startle a grouse by the branch which startles deer on the hillside
compliments from an Alzheimer's patient
2 + 2 = 4 unless you count the duration of syllable or onji or mora
immobile after 111 minutes online at Renkujin
surrounded by goldenrods noon heat surrounded by goldenrods
feeder like a watering hole pigeons and chickadees
as three verdicts flow guilty a small piece of the world feels right
aspens lacy shadows flicker on the lawn
stuck inside with government run-around agencies on the phone
'War of Words' Scrabble contest in progress
in a dry spell compared to what went on and what came down
into cloudless blue the glitter of a plane

scrambling gardeners prune five feet off each bush top and sides
new pup digs my digs unplants my plants
stubborn hubby smoking a pipe again after thirty-seven years
'oldies but goodies' one of those decades gone missing
dreams of my childhood: wallpaper books and a 'strawberry room'
a sno-cone stand pays the way to college
no correct answer what a debate over 'a' 'the' or 'his'
an endless day a realtor and i talk acres and court
still in love his ex-wife is distressed to learn he has married
have you any private thoughts which need surveilled
' don't like the US? just don't go away mad..just go idiot!'
hurricane andrew reviewed while they await a better one

to be on the safe side nature rewashes the sun-drenched clothes
'Hello Sunshine' painting entry sent for exhibit
'creationism' anything to undermine the intelligence of a cell
TV audience applauds the ex-alcoholic
now that the fun is over the task of haiku written without meaning
big to little Matreshka dolls all with the same smile

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