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probably 2 'real' renga sorta


marlene mountain   francine porad  

one-line linked haiku 3  september 13-19 2002


discrimination in america in everywhere even on mars
Arab men questioned logical profiling
at risk a red [or is it pink] turtlehead leans into the rocky road
'outcropping' removed by dump truck dust rises
we wait on 'hanna' to satisfy our thirst the little pond and i
wind picks up a white butterfly from flower to flower

so many wallpaper books Mama helps me choose a rosebud bouquet
boxed in by wormy chestnut & oak a rundown fortune
no sleep lost over Bill Gates losing eleven billion in the last year
more than double trouble all those saddam doubles
'after five margaritas Bernard and Francine peer from a drain pipe'
someday it might be said a piece 'formally known as' haiku
my writing stages include syrupy to intellectual to moderately OK
a fine day if a sprinkle turns into a drizzle
summer's end at the bus stop passengers carrying umbrellas
something dug up and replanted it doesn't matter what
Day of Atonement sermon...the meaning of the word 'contrite'
i pace off 80 x 20 feet literally and figuratively

'home on the range' the kitchen would be insignificant if possible
kid's choice all odd-jobs-list items checked off
to make big bucks a big host interrupts & disapproves of a big guest
repeated crawl across the TV set <<TERROR ALERT HIGH>>
hey don dick john condy colin and george 'where's the beef?'
Iraq concedes: unconditional return of U.N. inspectors
in transition pampas grass where praying mantises once hung
so quiet I can hear the crickets and my heart
a mind that won't turn off even in the face of forgetfulness
at the pan game first sign of 'old-timers'
headline news like yesterday's the way i want my little news to be
I wake from a nap thinking it's tomorrow

primary absentee ballot mailed in with no concern for chads
in the case of freedom united we don't stand
he objects if I say he's sick he objects if I say he's well
'natural male enhancement' bob's friend has it now
money works for me great notion to strike it rich with a Lotto win
on a moment's notice the wren begins dawn

11f deja vu wordplay by Robert Major, based on a Porad haiku
from a Mexican sequence

12m after Prince (Artist formally known as)
28f Alzheimer's
34m tv ad for hard-on pills

Lynx 18:1 2003

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