marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


francine porad    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku five      august 10-14 1998

enclosed find

enclosed find prize money a further slide in the Japanese yen
5 pieces missing the matisse jigsaw puzzle still art
painting up a storm house looks as if the proverbial cyclone hit
july the world's hottest month under the rug
full moon relaxed resort guards marching army of ants
when they return to vietnam the men cry

for a bicycle a little girl killed and molested by little boys
reality check forest trail through charred trees
that survivalist just over the mountains still outwits the agents
'my name is Bond James Bond' a definite leer
yet kind to the listener of my gripe re ssa/ssi 5 & dime policy
I choose the smaller 'sapphire' ring
missionary work the preacher with a diamond mine in africa
museum exhibit staring eyes of sorcery charms
reporter sleeps with someone to learn who sleeps with whom
one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor
turn off light i remind him not to waste mother nature's energy
cloudburst young teens in black gothic garb

bomb-shattered building under the rubble voices
an unexpected rose but not in time for rose
struggle over hawk fighting fierce winds changes direction
a big catfish caught and released evening cool
rocky hillside covered with frost home is always home
somewhere in the clutter ideas of a life
diary full of exclamation points fingers nail-polished green
bob woodward: there are never enough leaks

Seinfeld: people who read tabloids deserve to be lied to
weather report out to watch the tornado watch
broadcaster's impeccably styled hair ring around the moon
we arrange each other in a garden with no snapdragons

caller id enhanced call waiting touch tone hardly anyone calls
not really company the window washer
the less i know about haiku/renga the more i know about nature
all the suggested rules will rule us out
never confused about baby & bathwater thrown in from nowhere
barely visible feeder beneath swarming bushtits

7m) murder charge (dropped september 1998) 16p) Mexican T-shirt saying
20m) rose wanjiku, survived from friday thru monday, Aug 10 1998

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:3 1998

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